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Month: July 2013

It seems more “I love you” cards are needed for our OWH soldiers (as requested by a card makers grandson whom is a soldier)  so I thought I would take my sons advice and do something simple and clean. Josh is a veteran and was once an OWH card user. He told me that there are a lot more guys than girls and not everyone likes frilly. I understand that and I’ll try to do “not so cutesy” and do more simple “I love you...

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Whimsie Doodles!

It’s amazing how out of practice you get when you don’t color a lot! I still think I have a long ways to go but I did have a lot of fun coloring this. I was so nervous at first that I started coloring her like the watermelon girl and then didn’t have the heart to throw her away after spending so much time on her!! I  don’t even remember what colors I used I was so nervous! The paper and ribbon I’ve had for over 5 years at least but the card stock thats another story! The white...

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