Yesterday I took a Copic certification class with the talented Debbie Olson! It was an all day class I learned so much! There are so many different papers that they recommend and I tried 2 that she had and couldn’t shade to save my life! I was really frustrated thinking I wasn’t going to get it but I came home and tried my techniques on my favorite paper (Georgia Pacific) and it wan’t all that I thought it was going to be either! Even though I can color on it and I can’t shade on it and the blender pen doesn’t work “they way it should” on GP paper either! I tried Gina K paper which I absolutely love and will never stop buying but I couldn’t shade on it either!! I had one more brand left and I tried it….guess what! I can shade on it quite easily and the blending pen did “what it was supposed to do” on it. I’m really excited because I love this paper to! So , drum roll please…….my new favorite paper to blend with copic markers is PAPER TREY INK WHITE CARDSTOCK ! I’m so excited I’m going to shop now and also going to get vintage cream for a different look. I’m so excited!!! Now I just need to work on my skills and get to coloring! Wish me luck! Oh, I will post some of my “first tries” before I through it in the trash haha!