My family just got back from Texas where we saw my oldest son Joshua graduate from Air Force basic training so we now have a new Airman! We had the best time ever! We hadn’t seen him in 7 weeks and only had 3 letters and 2 phone calls home so when we did see him it was water works for everyone. We were able to stay 5 days and got to watch “The Aimens Run” where they all run over a bridge in formation and right in front of you and then back again. It was the coolest thing! We couldn’t touch him though or talk to him and that was hard. We saw him about 3 hours later in the Coin Ceremony where they are given a coin that symbolizes that they are now Airmen. It was very emotional. He had to stand in formation until we touched him and of course we were all crying! This picture on the top left is of him and my hubby and I just after the coin ceremony. The other one is of Josh and his 2 brothers just after the ceremony. I was allowed a 5 second hug and his brothers and dad were allowed a handshake. That was a tough one! Josh wasn’t allowed to leave the base so we went to the mini mall and bought t-shirts and cool things to bring home. The following day was graduation and that to was awsome! Even though the sky opened up and dumped rain sideways on us the day was still awsome! I have never felt as proud as I did that day and I was and am just bursting on the inside. Josh graduated as an Academic Monitor and a FLT mentor and I could see that the guys he went through bmt with really respected him. We had 3 or 4 guys come up to us telling us that if it weren’t for Josh pushing them to study and do physical training they wouldn’t have graduated. Another very proud moment for us! Josh is now off to tech school where he will do Special Operations. He is due to come home in December and I’ve already told my hubby that 4 months is all I can take so we will be planning another trip soon!